Amateur Contact Log Accessibility Review

AC Log audio review and demonstration

By Kelvin Marsh M0AID

This is an audio review and tutorial of Amateur Contact Log version 3. AC Log is a main stream general amateur logging program, but the developer Scott N3FJP has
adapted A C Log to be more accessible for visually impaired operators as from version 3.2.

Since the review, AC Log has been rewritten in C# as version 4, and N3FJP is adding accessibility with help from M0AID. This is current in August 2013.

Therefore, if you want to give AC Log a try with a screen reader, I suggest you go to the VB6 archive section of and download the latest VB6 version 3.4. Learning 3.4 will put you in good stead for the not dissimilar version 4 when accessibility is fully implemented.

To download Amateur Contact Log itself please visit the developers
Website at

I have made my own layout template available, below, as described in the recordings. The files in the Zipped archive must be placed in the AC Log folder, within the N3FJP folder, within the My Documents folder.

The Wave files needed for AC Log Voice Navigation are also available below, and these must be placed in the AC Log 3.4 folder, within the Program Files folder.

Related Downloads

M0AID customised layout files.Zip

Voice Navigation Wave Files.Zip

1 Setting up from a clean installation.MP3

2 Reviewing the Screen with a screen reader.MP3

3 The Main List and QSO Editing.MP3

4 The DX Cluster.MP3

5 QRZ Internet lookup and LOTW.MP3

6 Miscellaneous.MP3

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