About Active Elements

Blind and partially sighted radio amateurs often use standard equipment that might easily seem impossible to operate. They can be incredibly resourceful but do
need to be informed about what’s available. Amateurs with other disabilities also need to
know if equipment is accessible or whether adaptations are available to make it so.

Active Elements attempts to draw together experience and knowledge gained by disabled operators from all over the world and make it available to anyone with an interest.

The team is Kelvin M0AID, Quentin GW3BV, Chris G5VZ and Chris M5AGG. The site hosts accessibility evaluations of amateur radio equipment, spoken word manuals and audio demonstrations.

If you think some information or service should be included on this site or you use a piece of amateur radio equipment and you would like to share your experiences, as a person with disabilities, please get in touch via the Contact page.

An incredibly useful online resource is the Active Elements Email group. Here we have amateurs from all over the world willing to share advice and experiences. You can join the group by sending an email to : active-elements+subscribe@groups.io . Just send a reply to the confirmation message.

This site was able to run in 2018 thanks to the generous support of David G3YXX, Peter MM5PSL, Barry VK2WB, Mike GI4TMB, Chris M5AGG, Quentin GW3BV, Chris G5VZ and Kelvin M0AID.

We are currently raising funds for 2019, please support us via the Paypal link from the main menu.

A note about Copyright, All written text on this site is original work, contributed by radio amateurs with disabilities. There are many MP3 downloads, But these recordings are of PDF manuals and documents that are readily available from equipment manufacturers. There are several instances where the printed manual that accompanied a Kenwood or Icom radio has been read, and both manufacturers have graciously given permission to the Active Elements website for their use. All readers have also given consent for their recordings to be hosted.

If you find any inadvertent breaches of copyright on this site, please let us know immediately.

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