G4FON Koch Method CW trainer Accessibility Review

 Screen shot of G4FON software
G4FON Audio Review and Demonstration

By Kelvin Marsh M0AID

This MP3 demonstration is of the popular CW trainer using the Koch method by G4FON. The demonstration covers the use of the software by a visually impaired person using a screen reader.

The software can be downloaded from

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1 thought on “G4FON Koch Method CW trainer Accessibility Review

  1. Thanks for telling me about this program. I’ve discovered a few things. 1) you have to fiddle with the “effective” and the “actual” speed for your particular copying skill. For me setting one of them to 20 and the other to 10 worked best. Wish he had some better terminology, as I can never remember the difference between “effective” and “actual” and keep reversing them in my mind. Also the tab order for the settings is illogical; he should at least put effective and actual near each other in tab order, since I keep messing with those settings. 2) The delay is set to zero. Go in to settings and change it to 3, so you have time to alt-tab to another application to input your results. For example, I go to Notepad to type in the characters I think I’m hearing it send. 3) No keyboard access to the Start, stop and finish buttons. But (4) You can also download the KochRX.ZIP from his site, which enables you to have better keyboard control. Once I copied that to the Koch Morse Trainer directory, I could run KochRX instead. KochRX has an edit box for you to type in the characters you hear and a button to compare with the code sent. It has buttons to run the G4FON trainer, to stop and start the CW and to erase the edit box for the next practice session. Note that I successfully ran both the trainer and the helper KOCHRX program in Windows 7 64-bit and Windows XP. I have none of the sound card stutter problems he says many users report, and it works great with JAWS! After just 24 hours, I’m already copying many characters at 30WPM!!!

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