Recent Additions

Thanks to the recording skills of Ian DJ0HF we have recently added MP3 manuals for both the original and SDA 100 SteppIR antenna controllers.

Tim GI4OPH sent us the RNIB cassettes for the TR-751 and TR851 Manual, and Chris M5AGG converted these to MP3.

The above MP3 audio can be found on the Manuals page, accessed from Recordings.

Rob K6DQ sent us the files he produced for the TM-V71A and E. He converted the complete manual into HTML format and it opens as a fully indexed web page. He also sent us an HTML table of the menu system, and a mike keyboard and front panel description. These are on the Kenwood TM-V71E page under the Related Downloads section.

You can also use the Search field at the top of each page to find items of interest!

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