Revised February 2019.


UV5R both an audio tutorial and an eyes-free text document (Available from Handiham)


IC-703 Manual
IC-706 Daisy Manual (Available from Handiham)
IC-718 Daisy Manual (Available from Handiham)
IC-7100 MP3 Manual (Available from RAIBC)


R5000 MP3 Manual
TH-D74 MP3 Manual (Available from RAIBC)
TH-F6A MP3 Tutorials (Available from Handiham)
TM-G707 DAISY Manual
TM-V7A MP3 Manual (Available from Handiham)
TM-V71E MP3 Manual
TM-V71E DAISY Manual
TM-V71E MP3 Review and Demo by 2M0TSR
TM-V71E full HTML Manual, download and unzip
TR-751 and TR851 MP3 Manual
TS-440 Word Manual
TS-440 MP3 Manual (Available from Handiham)
TS-480 MP3 Manual
TS-480 Tutorial by KA9OPL (opens new page on Joe’s own site)

TS-50 Manual (Available from RNIB)
TS-570 MP3 Manual
TS-590S MP3 Manual
TS-590SG MP3 Manual
TS-850 Manual (Available from RNIB)
TS-2000 HTML Manual, download and unzip
TS-2000 various MP3 and DAISY quick start guides (Available from Handiham)


Z11 (50 watt) Auto ATU MP3 Description and Manual
Z11 Pro II (100 watt) Auto ATU MP3 Description and Manual
TW-1 talking SWR and power meter MP3 manual


MFJ 209 Daisy Manual (Available from Handiham)
MFJ-998 Legal Limit Automatic ATU MP3 Manual
MFJ-1026 Noise Cancelling and Signal Enhancer MP3 Manual


SteppIR OriginalControl Box MP3 Manual
SteppIR SDA 100 Control Box MP3 Manual


FL-7000 Linear amplifier MP3 manual (available from Handiham)
FT-736R MP3 manual (available from Handiham)
G800DXA G1000DXA and G2800DXA rotator and control box MP3 Manual


LK10 Talking Multi-Meter Manual

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